Our extermination company offers residential services in Montreal, Estrie and Montérégie

If you are in Montreal, Montérégie or Estrie, contact Extermination Leblanc! We are not only working on the elimination of parasites, like the majority of our competitors, but also on prevention. Our technicians are trained to do integrated pest management and find ecological solutions such as physical and / or mechanical measures to prevent new infestations.

Exterminateur spécialisé résidentiel
Specialised exterminators in the residential sector

We will bring comfort to your home


Emergency aid

Our qualified and certified staff will assist you in the management of pests and other pests.


At Extermination Leblanc we only use products that are safe and approved by Health Canada. We work with you to guide you through the steps for effective and safe treatment.

Identification and discretion

Our trucks are not signposted to ensure the greatest possible discretion.
Complete elimination of parasites


In addition to the extermination services offered, we also offer preventive treatments. Indeed, we just got rid of an insect or a pest, and it is surely not to let that parasite or any other comeback immediately! We can therefore offer you various preventive treatments to protect your property from new infestation.

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